The current tap list as of 8/28/2014 is:

Abby Blonde
Hanger 18
Abby Brunette
Practice Yoga
Cap City Hustler
Black Tonic
Abby’s Cure
Porn or Pawn Pepper

Upcoming Brews

  • Lockness Express (Scotch Ale)
  • Abby Blonde Cask on Apple Jacks
  • Abby Blonde Cask on Raspberries

  • Below is a list of all of our Toxic Brews.

  • 5th St. Wheat (Hefeweizen) 6.5 ABV 31 IBU

  • Fruity esters from Belgian yeast and wheat dominate the flavor. A Toxic twist on a classic Hefeweizen style

  • Abby Blonde (Belgian Blonde) 5.8% ABV 28 IBU

  • A light easy drinking, belgian ale

  • Abby Brunette (Belgian Dubbel) 8.5% ABV 28 IBU

  • Brown Belgian with classic nutty and caramel overtones with hints of yeast esters and phenols combine for a complex flavor, inspired by the Abbey monks, named after the brewmaster’s wife, Abby

  • Abby XXXX (Belgian Quad) 11.3% ABV 51 IBU

  • Deep brown color, heavy malt flavors suggesting raisin and caramel, fruit and spice notes with a warming alcohol finish.

  • Abby’s Cure (Belgian Tripel) 9.5% ABV 34 IBU

  • The Toxic take on the Belgian Tripel. Lighter in color, higher in alcohol, flavor dominated by select yeast strain and select spices

  • Beta Brown (Belgian Brown) 6.5% ABV – 45 IBU

  • This is the first beer we brewed on our 7 barrel system. Initially this was intended to be a yeast starter batch, but it turned out to be a very easy drinking brown ale.

  • Black Tonic (Imperial Stout) 9% ABV 65 IBU

  • A dark, thick imperial stout, with subtle hints of chocolate and coffee flavors from the grains.

  • Black Tonic with Coffee and Vanilla (Imperial Stout) 9% ABV 65 IBU

  • A dark, thick imperial stout, with subtle hints of chocolate and coffee flavors from the grains.

  • Butternut Apple (Seasonal) 6.9% ABV 38 IBU

  • A fall and winter seasonal brew made with butternut squash, apples, and spices.

  • Derailed (Black IPA) 7.6% ABV 82 IBU

  • A Toxic take on the Black IPA. Plenty of hops with a touch of black malts and Belgian yeast.

  • Gem City Ruby (Amber) 6% ABV 24 IBU

  • An amber ale with a Belgian nose, a subtle hop profile,  and a touch of clove on the finish.

  • Imperial Ruby (Imperial Red) 8.7% ABV 81 IBU

  • The Toxic Imperial Amber. A malty amber ale with a subtle spicy hop profile and a smooth finish.

  • ISO-Heaven (IPA) 8% ABV 96 IBU

  • Named after the ISO-Alpha acids that the hops impart after the boil, a staple style for many craft beer lovers

  • ISO-Hell (IPA) 8.8% ABV 96 IBU

  • An IPA with loads of grapefruit flavors and less sweetness than the ISO-Heaven

  • J.O.T.S. (Imperial IPA ) 9.7% 100+ IBU

  • Johnny On The Spot Imperial IPA was named after a funny situation which occurred while brewing this beer thanks to our good friend Bryan. This is our version of a west coast style IPA…heavily hopped

  • Kaiserlick (German IPA) 7.6% ABV 88 IBU

  • The use of German pale ale malts and German hops is the perfect balance for this IPA.

  • Porn or Pawn Pale Ale (Pale Ale) 5.5 ABV 37 IBU

  • Our Pale Ale. Rumor has it patrons on the balcony of our neighbor’s establishment across the street used to play a game, guessing whether pedestrians were going to the Annex (porn store) or 5th Street Pawn (previous business to occupy our building)

  • Porn or Pawn Pepper Pepper Pale Ale (Pale Ale) 5.5% ABV 37 IBU

  • Our pale ale with fire roasted poblano and habenaro peppers added.

  • Practice Yoga (IPA) 5.6% ABV 69 IBU

  • Inspired by our friends and neighbors at Practice Yoga. A session-able IPA, with a well balanced hop profile and a clean dry finish.

  • Refresh (Pale Ale) 6.2% 42 IBU

  • Great for a hot summer day. Light on the color and body, with a medium hop profile, subtle malt flavor with a hint of apple.

  • Three Two Throwback (Porter) 3.2% ABV 38 IBU

  • Light bodied, with a roasted malt finish. Lower alcohol, still big on flavor.

    These beers are generally all available in 4/8/16 oz sizes. We also feature 32 and 64 oz growlers to go.

    Updated 08-09-2014