Toxic Brews

Toxic Brews

Below is a list of all of our Toxic Brews. You can find our current tap list here – Beers on Tap

  • 5th St. Lemon Wheat (Hefeweizen) 6.5% ABV 31 IBU

Our wheat beer with lemon peel added for a summer twist

  • 5th St. Wheat (Hefeweizen) 6.5 ABV 31 IBU

Fruity esters from Belgian yeast and wheat dominate the flavor. A Toxic twist on a classic Hefeweizen style

  • Abby Blonde (Belgian Blonde) 5.8% ABV 28 IBU

A light easy drinking, belgian ale

  • Abby Brunette (Belgian Dubbel) 8.5% ABV 28 IBU

Brown Belgian with classic nutty and caramel overtones with hints of yeast esters and phenols combine for a complex flavor, inspired by the Abbey monks, named after the brewmaster’s wife, Abby

  • Abby XXXX (Belgian Quad) 11.3% ABV 51 IBU

Deep brown color, heavy malt flavors suggesting raisin and caramel, fruit and spice notes with a warming alcohol finish.

  • Abby’s Cure (Belgian Tripel) 9.5% ABV 34 IBU

The Toxic take on the Belgian Tripel. Lighter in color, higher in alcohol, flavor dominated by select yeast strain and select spices

  • Beta Brown (Belgian Brown) 6.5% ABV – 45 IBU

This is the first beer we brewed on our 7 barrel system. Initially this was intended to be a yeast starter batch, but it turned out to be a very easy drinking brown ale.

  • Black Tonic (Imperial Stout) 9% ABV 65 IBU

A dark, thick imperial stout, with subtle hints of chocolate and coffee flavors from the grains.

  • Black Tonic with Coffee and Vanilla (Imperial Stout) 9% ABV 65 IBU

A dark, thick imperial stout, with subtle hints of chocolate and coffee flavors from the grains.

  • Butternut Apple (Seasonal) 6.9% ABV 38 IBU

A fall and winter seasonal brew made with butternut squash, apples, and spices.

  • Gem City Ruby (Amber) 6% ABV 24 IBU

An amber ale with a Belgian nose, a subtle hop profile,  and a touch of clove on the finish.

  • Hoppy Saison (Saison) 6.5% ABV 58 IBU

Lighter in color and taste with a hint of wild saison/farmhouse flavor

  • Imperial Ruby (Imperial Red) 8.7% ABV 81 IBU

The Toxic Imperial Amber. A malty amber ale with a subtle spicy hop profile and a smooth finish.

  • ISO-Heaven (IPA) 8% ABV 96 IBU

Named after the ISO-Alpha acids that the hops impart after the boil, a staple style for many craft beer lovers

  • Three Two Throwback (Porter) 3.2% ABV 38 IBU

Light bodied, with a roasted malt finish. Lower alcohol, still big on flavor.

  • J.O.T.S. (Imperial IPA ) 9.7% 100+ IBU

Johnny On The Spot Imperial IPA was named after a funny situation which occurred while brewing this beer thanks to our good friend Bryan. This is our version of a west coast style IPA…heavily hopped

  • Porn or Pawn Hot Pepper Pale Ale (Pale Ale) 5.5% ABV 37 IBU

An extra-hot version of our PoP Pepper Pale Ale. This is for those who like it hot!

  • Porn or Pawn Pale Ale (Pale Ale) 5.5 ABV 37 IBU

Our Pale Ale. Rumor has it patrons on the balcony of our neighbor’s establishment across the street used to play a game, guessing whether pedestrians were going to the Annex (porn store) or 5th Street Pawn (previous business to occupy our building)

  • Porn or Pawn Pepper Pepper Pale Ale (Pale Ale) 5.5% ABV 37 IBU

Our pale ale with fire roasted poblano and habenaro peppers added.

  • Practice Yoga (IPA) 5.6% ABV 69 IBU

Inspired by our friends and neighbors at Practice Yoga. A session-able IPA, with a well balanced hop profile and a clean dry finish.

  • Refresh (Pale Ale) 6.2% 42 IBU

Great for a hot summer day. Light on the color and body, with a medium hop profile, subtle malt flavor with a hint of apple.

  • Tonic v75 (Stout) 7.5% ABV 37 IBU

Dark with a creamy tan head. Robust in flavor but not as big and bold as our Black Tonic Stout.

These beers are generally all available in 4/8/16/32/64 oz sizes.

Updated 07-31-2014