The Team

Shane Juhl

Owner and Proprietor

Toxic owner, and brains behind the brewery, Shane previously worked 12 years as a materials scientist. He has worked on complexities from photonic crystals made of viruses to building space hardware for the ISS. He found and continued his passion for chemistry through brewing beer and the mechanics of building equipment to make brewing easier with limited resources.

Tyler Barrett

Brewer and Bucket

Tyler “Bucket” Barrett is the man that brings you all those delicious brews. Tyler has had a passion for the craft brew community and playing music for many years. You can often find him sipping on a Cap City Hustler or some other new concoction he is working on at Toxic.

Adam Stephens

Cellar Man and Social Media Coordinator

As Toxic’s cellarman and head of the warehouse, Adam is critical in monitoring production and getting our brews into the kegs. He also helps plan events and keep our social media up and running.