Our story. Our mission.

The Toxic Brew Company is a brewpub in downtown Dayton’s Oregon District. Toxic is the first brewery in over 50 years to produce beer in Dayton, OH.

We are excited to share Toxic Brew Company beer with Dayton and contribute to the local craft beer community.

We focus on producing craft beers drawing from a wide range of inspirations. We enjoy high gravity beers; and with a name like “Toxic Brew” how could you not love the high alcohol creations that age like wine (not turn stale after a few months). Don’t get us wrong, we produce and personally enjoy a wide range of alcohol content, color, hoppiness, and maltiness in our beer; we try to cover the alcohol, color, and bitterness spectrum. We enjoy brewing and sharing our beer and the craft with others. TBC enjoys experimenting, so don’t expect the exact same beers on tap every day. With our small 7bbl system and love for casks, we try to brew more variety than quantity. Our brewpub in Dayton’s Historic Oregon Arts District is where you can enjoy a wide selection of beers in a comfortable setting.

We often get asked how we came up with our name “Toxic Brew;” to some it seems like a terrible idea, others, genius. We’re asked so often, in fact, that we had to dedicate a page on the matter. The short version is that it that ethanol is listed as a “toxic” substance and used to make different tinctures, some more bitter than others. Our logo is our own version of the universal “toxic” symbol of the skull and cross bones found on warning labels.

We are proud of our place in Dayton’s history of brewing, which began in the early 1800’s; before The Toxic Brew Company, The City of Dayton had not been home to a brewery in over 50 years!


Proudly located in Dayton’s Historic Oregon District.


Toxic Brew Co

431 E. 5th St

Dayton, Ohio 45402


(937) 985-3618